Sunday, February 5, 2017

Life Change.

As most of you know life can throw curve balls at you. The past few years have been tough. I've had to go back and look at my life, rethink it so to speak. Since my last post allot has happened. Had another beautiful baby, a boy this time. Kipton Troy. Just when i thought i couldn't love anything or anyone as much as my daughter, Kipton was born and redefined my understanding of what my love was capable of. Soon after Kipton's birth. my wife of 14 years left. me. A little lost and allot confused, it forced me to look at my life and the choices I'd made up to this point. As my marriage was over and looking back it had been for quite some time. I just wasn't happy. Probably a major contributing factor in its demise. Had it not happened in the first place would i have been happier? Yes and No. i cant say i wished it hadn't because i wouldn't have had my two perfect baby's. but not having them right away left allot of years in the beginning that were pretty miserable. don't get me wrong not all of those early years were bad, but sadly most of them were. and then after having two beautiful and amazing children it didn't get any better. In moving on i have discovered allot about myself and in that i feel like i can give my children the love and attention they and I require. I have met someone that makes me happy and is the perfect opposite of my ex wife lol.