Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Joy of Parenthood

My wife and I just became new parents.
Having tried to have babies for years and spending tens of thousands just to be told we would not be able to experience the joy of having our own biological children. We started a foster adopt program. Completing the twelve-week training classes and getting our certification the last step for us was for me to get a fingerprint clearance card, which the state would ultimately refuse me. Feeling this was our last option, we gave up giving in to the fact that it was going to be just us. As we love each other, very much we both felt like we had more love to give but it just wasn't going to happen. Than one day out of the blue we were at the hospital for an unrelated problem so we thought, our nurse comes in and tells us we were pregnant. As you can imagine we were both stunned. Our new little one is now one month old and we couldn't be happier. Its funny you hear how it is the most joy you'll ever feel when your child is born. I'm not sure I even came close to understanding that before. Not even threw most of her birth did I feel it, Hell I was to busy thinking to myself "don't pass out" but when my little girl popped out and I saw her perfect little face for the first time. I don't even have the words in fact I don't think I said a word. I cried as embarrassing as it was I couldn't help it.